Finally back on track with our You Can Be Found Anywhere episodes. Adding another winter adventure to the Zippo Museum in Bradford, Pennsylvania. If you ever find yourself in northwestern PA, it may be worth a stop to Bradford.  I went on a winter adventure and took in the Zippo Museum and the Kinzua bridge in one day with a couple of friends.  The Zippo Museum was a great way to remind small business owners to get started at igniting their search engine marketing plan.

Get Found On A Day Out With Friends

Ever find yourself with those quiet moments on a fun day out with friends. You are having a great time on an adventure, but there is still always that downtime.  Waiting in line to get in or waiting at a table while your friend goes to order food, etc.  What do you do in those moments? You go right to your phone. Sometimes you do a quick Google to try to fix some problem you have in life. Something you were reminded of from your day or has just been weighing on your mind.

The best time to show up in front of potential customers is during these moments. They are open to what you have to offer. You put your best foot forward and show them why you are the best solution to their problem with good content and SEO or Google Ads programs.  We can help you get there. Just like on my random visit to the Zippo museum we definitely had some downtime. We showed up before they opened and had to kill some time. I definitely did some Googling. There is nothing quite like checking something off your list in the 10 minutes you are waiting on doing something else. Make sure you can be be the beneficiary of those moments with a good search engine marketing program. Ignite your marketing.

Video Transcription:

Hey, this is Jeremy Skillings with another You Can Be Found Anywhere from the Zippo Museum and lighter Factory. If you want to ignite your search engine marketing program, why don’t you give You Can Be Found a call? Because we’ve been doing it for over 15 years. We do it right and we make sure we get your program off the ground. Thanks and give us a call. Take care!