The Google algorithm has been in what seems like a constant state of flux in the past two years. With the “helpful content update“, we saw Google leaning into better and more helpful content to users. Makes sense right? Google is in the business of providing the best answers to search queries.  With the advent of much of the mush that is often related to AI content writing, Google has leaned even more toward rewarding signs of experience. A recent Search Engine Land post highlighted a study on recent gains with these signs. The article is worth a read, but I wanted to give a quick update to small business owners to help guide them with their content.  Also, to think how Google thinks so you can apply it as times evolve.

What Shows Experience to Google and Your Users?

The study showed that pages gaining in exposure through Google regularly used words like “we” and “I” in their content. Showing off your experience and knowledge on specific things you specialize in is typically helpful content. Showing you are a real business that knows what they are doing and does a good job for their market is a key way to move up in the rankings. What are some ways that can be displayed?

  • Content that includes your own experience for outlining points by using “I”, “we”, etc.
  • Unique pictures that show what you do rather than stock images.  Include your staff and your vehicles, logos, etc.
  • Regular inclusion of your geographic market to show your users you do work where they are.
  • Show you are a real business by having contact information on every page.
  • Show a cookie consent banner to follow the rules (less about experience but more about showing you are paying attention)

With the goal of being short and quick, use your content to show off your expertise. Use blog posts to answer FAQ’s. If people are asking, they are Googling, and you have the answers that can pull them into your site to show you are the trusted solution.  We can’t rely on just showing that we do it anymore.  Show that you know what you are doing and why you should be the choice for them to solve their problem. If you need help moving up the rankings, we can help you put up an SEO plan catered to your needs, resources, and market.