It is a different time and many businesses are tweaking and pivoting their business model to compete in different ways. There is an opportunity there, but you want to do it the right way. In terms of getting business via SEO or paid search (Google Ads or others), you need content that explains what you are doing. One of the common questions I have been asked in recent weeks, or in some cases should have been asked, is how to let people know about this shift or offering you are now doing.

Create a Page On Your Website

Paid Search:

I have had a few business owners approach me in a hurry to jump on new opportunities with paid traffic.Sometimes we get so excited at the opportunity that we forget about the user process. They just wanted to bring traffic to a website that had no mention of them actually doing the specific type of service they were targeting.  In general, sending paid traffic to just your homepage is not advised. You want to send searchers to a page on your site that specifically discusses the service they are looking for. If you are now offering virtual consulting or Zoom meetings, write a page of content that explains this and the process your user needs to hire you. The same for virtual therapy, disinfection cleaning services, bankruptcy attorneys, or any other opportunity you are trying to jump on. If you are paying for traffic from people looking for this service, send them to a page on your site that makes it clear you that you do this and also makes clear how to hire you.

Organic Search:

New ContentGoogle generally rewards specific pages in the rankings. Google’s job, with search results, is to provide the best answer to a user’s question.  The best answer is typically a page that specifically addresses what someone is looking for. Again, the homepage is often not the answer here. You are in a better position to rank highly for specific new phrases, if you write good, original content about how you are approaching that individual need. Just like above with Paid, you want a nice page that addresses your new method of delivery, specific service, or specific location that you are now targeting, but maybe didn’t before.  With new products and services and SEO, getting that content out there early can lead to tremendous growth when everyone else is just getting their bearings.  When you pivot your services, make sure you write a page of content explaining it. You are pivoting because the market is changing.  You should create content for this new type of consumer.

Google My Business:

Generally, you want to represent all of your products and services that would be on your website on your Google My Business (GMB) page.  I always say feed the Google beast with information about your business.  Even if it may take a few days to put together a new page on your website, it should only take a few minutes to add your new pivot to your GMB page with a paragraph or so to explain what it is. Everyone should be adding “Virtual/Zoom” versions of their services in GMB, if you are able to offer in this manner.  It lets Google know that you are relevant to those types of services.  Be specific. People search more and more for specifics.


Ask for specific reviews early and often about your new pivot type methods. Google tends to trust what others say about you more than what you say. If you have reviews that say a customer had a great experience with your “Zoom training”, or “virtual programs”, that will make your business more relevant to the Google algorithm for those things they point out. I would even venture to say in some cases it is better to have a 4-star review that says specifically what you did well than a 5-star that just says “Great job”.  The words in the reviews matter and help you rank.  Especially for new service offerings, where many competitors may not have content or reviews associated to them.

If you need help getting all of this organized, give us a call.  We have been frantically assisting businesses with quarantine pivots for several weeks now, and have seen it be a great opportunity for new revenue streams that may exist well after we return to a new normal.