With all of the craziness of November, we never got out the You Can Be Found Anywhere last month.  Here it is from West Point, where I joined some friends to attend the Army football game and lots of other interesting and exciting fanfare and history.  Army provides a very unique experience if you ever go up to West Point for one of their football games.

Unique Content Helps Stand Out

Many view a fall game at West Point as one of the top experiences in football. The beautiful views on a fall day is enough reason to go, but they also offer an amazing and unique experience with paratroopers dropping in and other exciting and unique game-day activities.  This is what differentiates it and makes it stand out from other game-day experiences.  A walk around West Point is an amazing way to take in history as well.

With SEO, differentiating yourself from y0our competitors is also crucial to standing out and being rankable.  Whereas Army can provide a great experience in the stadium, you want to provide a great user experience on your site, with digestible information that answers all of your user questions in a way that is easy to understand and more importantly, then act upon.  Make sure you are focused on your users and giving them a good experience when they visit your site.

Offer them:

  • All of the information they need to make a decision
  • Information in formats that can appeal to as many users as possible
  • Clear calls to action once y0u have informed them enough to make them ready to buy
  • Clear signs of trust to make sure they are willing to make that last click.

We have fun with the You Can Be Found Anywhere series and creating a metaphor out of unique experiences, but one of the best and most important parts is creating the unique experience itself, so your SEO can improve and you can indeed, be found by anyone, anywhere, when they search for what you offer.