The latest episode of You Can Be Found Anywhere takes place at the Santa Monica Pier.  This is one of the world’s most famous piers and is a fine opportunity to talk about how a great search engine marketing plan including SEO, PPC, and/or local search will help your business stand out from its peers.  The You Can Be Found series is a fun way to point out that with SEO and the growing use of smartphones, you can get your business found at the time when people’s guard is down.  You are with people everywhere they go, whether it is at former locations like Cambodia or the Rocky Mountains, or under your sink working on your plumbing. That phone is next to you and we all know we mostly turn to Google first when we need something.  Our SEO programs can get your business there when all of these potential customers are open to it and actually actively searching.

Santa Monica SEO at the Pier

As I was attending the Local U Advanced conference in Santa Monica this last week, it was a great opportunity to use the pier as our metaphor. Though the weather was cold for the LA area and had a couple of days of rain, we were able to squeak out a nice day on my last day in town and grab the pictures and video.  It is important to keep in mind that showing up for customers exactly when they are looking for what you offer is the best way to get that opportunity to show what you can do.  If you can enhance that with great reviews, proper targeting, and good content, you can start a snowball effect that will grow your business substantially. We can help get you started on a great search program.  Often clients will start with a little bit of Google Ads to see what traffic does, and then slowly build up that SEO power over time.  I go to conferences like Local U Advanced and SMX Advanced every year to make sure we spend our clients money the right way on the things that actually move you forward. With literally hundreds to thousands of individual ranking factors, you need to make sure you spend your limited resources on the things that matter the most. That is where our unparalleled passion for search comes into play to help you succeed. You Can Be Found anywhere if you do it right.