Our latest episode of You Can Be Found Anywhere is from the Panama Canal. This is a true wonder of engineering that drastically changed global commerce by connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for ships, to avoid the long and dangerous trip around the tip of South America. The Canal is truly a remarkable experience and I would recommend a visit if you are near that part of the world.

Connecting Your Business to Customers

In the digital marketing world, we try to act like the Panama Canal by connecting businesses to customers. You are great at what you do, but sometimes the hardest part is to connect to your new customers.  Let them find you easier by doing your SEO and other online marketing the right way with a proven resource like You Can Be Found. We create custom and flexible plans to best work with you and your team.

Much like the first attempt by the French to build the canal didn’t work out, if you do things the wrong way, you won’t succeed.  Work with a proven winner. Give us a call to learn more.

The Panama Canal


Hey,this is Jeremy Skillings from You Can Be Found with another You Can Be Found Anywhere. I am at the Panama Canal, which was an immense project that connected two oceans and made it much easier for commerce all over the world to succeed. If you want to succeed with your business and connect your business to customers, a great way to do that is through a good digital marketing program. We’ve been doing this stuff right for over 15 years, so give us a call and connect yourself to your customers. Thanks so much.