Somehow we missed November so we are behind on our You Can Be Found Anywhere episodes.  I will try to get two in here in December.

Give Me A Home Where the Customers Roam

For this first December episode, we head back out west to Yellowstone National Park and the roaming buffalo, or technically the roaming bison. We headed out with a Yellowstone guide for a day trip where we got to immerse ourselves with the wild animals. Of course, the guide knows how close we are to not endanger ourselves or the animals. We were able to see otters, wolves, and other animals, but the biggest and most obvious was the bison roaming the plains.

Watching these beautiful beasts roam made me think of all of the customers out there roaming the world with their phones. We all multitask while we go about our day. When we are waiting in line we may use that opportunity to jump to our phone to check another to do off of our list. Often what happens is a quick Google search to find the solution to our latest issue.  This is where local search comes into play. You want your business to be the one that pops up in that person’s hand when they are searching for what you offer.

That is what we do best. You know your business. We know how to get you found. It is the perfect combination. Give us a call and get a plan started for 2022. We will build a custom plan based on your budget and competitive environment. Every approach is different, but rest assured we have the experience to know what to focus on to move you forward and up the rankings as quickly as possible.


Hey, this is Jeremy Skillings from You Can Be Found with another You Can Be Found Anywhere. Today we are at Yellowstone Park watching the buffalo, or bison, roam. If you want your business to be found when people are out roaming, using their cell phones, you need a great local search plan. Well, You Can Be Found has been helping small businesses for over 15 years, getting a great local search plan to help you get business if you want to get started today. Give us a call! Thanks so much.