Though I was a bit too overwhelmed by the experience to have a great metaphor in the actual video, this latest You Can Be Found Anywhere comes from the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand. This is an amazing charity organization that rescues elephants that are abused and mistreated. Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, and it is an amazing experience to be among them and watch them interact.  Check the site out and if you are ever anywhere near Thailand, take the time to volunteer for the day and immerse yourself in the experience. They also rescue other animals on the site.

Elephants in ThailandPerfect Example of You Can Be Found Anywhere

The rural countryside of Thailand is a perfect example of what You Can Be Found Anywhere is all about. With good SEO and SEM visibility, you are reachable from anywhere that has a connection.  Often we think of our needs while waiting for the bus, out in the fields, or at work.  We jump to Google to look something up and make that first connection to the solution to our problem. Having a successful search engine optimization or marketing plan allows your potential customers to find you when they are on vacation or even hiding from the rest of humanity, but still connected by phone or wifi. You Can Be Found Anywhere works for any business that is doing SEO and SEM the right way. We help you get found by the right people that need what you are offering.

The Beauty of Elephant Nature Park

As mentioned above, this is an amazing organization with a huge plot of land in northern Thailand.  Volunteering there allows you the opportunity to feed elephants, as well as mingle with them with the safe guidance (for you and the elephants) of your guide.  We had the opportunity to touch elephants.  A good ethical park will not allow you to ride the elephants, as riding is usually the result of abuse in their lives.  They do allow amazing access to many different elephants of different ages. We met one that was over 100 years old as well as babies.  The park also has a cat and dog rescue and some other animals. We were able to play with some dogs with wheels in place of their lame hind legs, as well as a lot of play time with the cats at lunch. I highly recommend a visit to the park if you are in Thailand, or they offer many ways to help on their site here.

If you want to get found anywhere and aren’t sure how, just give us a call and we will get you pointed in the right direction.