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One of the common questions I get from my many talks to business networking groups and one on one sit-downs with chamber of commerce members is how to do the basic setup of SEO on their WordPress sites. With that in mind, I launched a straightforward way to help small business sites getting their sites set up in the proper way for an affordable price without an ongoing commitment. You can get your site setup properly with little effort so you know you are starting on the right foot.

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SEO Process

Though SEO is a constant process and you need to work on a continued plan to update and build strength for ongoing success, sometimes the covering some of the fundamentals the right way can get you started and help your business get a taste of that exposure to move you forward.  My business has always been built with the idea of filling in the gaps for small businesses. For some, I handle all of their SEO, while others just use me to help with linking relationships or technical audits, while they do the other pieces. I can handle all of that, but the fundamental pieces are important to get you started in the right direction.

Automated Tools Don’t Differentiate You

Though there are a lot of tools out there people try to use, tools are only meant to assist you in differentiating your site in your market.  Even the Yoast SEO tool that I recommend to WordPress site owners doesn’t get a lot of their automated reporting right. It is hard to stay up with the rules and differentiate your site for real human users when you count on automated general tools to do your work for you.  Any tool you use, many others can use too, and it can actually get you in trouble more than ever.  In the past year, I have had more business owners come to me with issues with duplicate content or other problems that caused them to disappear from search because they used some industry or other tool that was also used by hundreds of others and ended up with them all having the same content or site.

SEO is about standing out, not following everyone else. 

Yoast SEO Tool Blog TitleWith that in mind, I wanted to offer a hybrid opportunity.  We can put some time learning from you about your target market and look at your content to come up with recommendations to best aim your site based on that information and give you instructions on how to do that going forward. We will offer a quick breakdown of some competitors for you as well as instructions on key steps you can take to make your site stronger.  Keep an eye on our site in October as we put together the specific packages at a couple of different levels. We will do a little market research for you first and then offer site targeting as well as some business distribution so that you can be sure your fundamentals are covered before deciding to move forward with a more aggressive plan.  Many are surprised at the exposure they can get just from covering the bases properly, such as their meta tags and maybe some content tweaks.

We are working on some test cases now to iron out the bugs in the process to better serve you, but feel free to reach out if you are ready to get going.



Wordpress Basic SEO Setup For Small Business Sites
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Wordpress Basic SEO Setup For Small Business Sites
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
One of the common questions I get from my many sit-downs with chamber of commerce members is how to do the basic setup of SEO on their WordPress sites.
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