In my latest You Can Be Found Anywhere post, we find me out on a dirt road in New Jersey, enjoying a morning run and talking about the beauty of a great search plan while seeing the beauty of several deer scurrying off into the woods behind me.

Why Search Engine Marketing is So Effective

You Can Be Found Anywhere PondThe beauty of search engine marketing is that in a world where most people have their defenses up to advertising pitches, you get to be presented to potential customers at the exact moment that they are most open to and actually actively seeking what you have to offer. Better yet, in today’s smartphone world, you can show up to them just about anywhere, which is what began the idea of You Can Be Found Anywhere.

From rural areas to big cities, search engines can get you found and get you business. Whether your customer is out on a run and suddenly realizes they need some type of new gear or thought of something they needed at home, as we so often do when our mind is cleared on a long run, or you think of that important need you have as you ride the train into work.  We most typically go to search to find it. A good search plan will put your business information in their hands at that crucial moment.

A Dirt Road in New Jersey

Though growing up in rural PA, I would never have thought that New Jersey even had dirt roads, now that I have made it my home, I know there is some beautiful countryside out there, and it is nice to go out and clear your mind and find yourself some thinking time. Sometimes when were are out in nature we do our best thinking and planning, and very often it leads us to buying products and services that solve our problems.  Why not put your business right there in front of people at this moment. Give us a call and we will come up with the best plan to get you there. That is what we do all day every day.  We are happy to help you out so you can stick with what you do best. Check out the deer running off in the woods in the background, as I broke up a little party.