A recent study was recently published by Clutch showed that SEO was the least popular digital marketing channel. It stated that only 44% of businesses are spending money on SEO and pointed out the longer process before results were seen and the confusion about how it works as the leading cause. I would also point out that there are a lot of scammy businesses out there over promising and not delivering that can scare smaller businesses away due to their own bad experience or hearing about a bad experience from someone they trust.

Why SEO is Confusing

SEO ConfusionSEO is constantly changing to keep up with Google algorithm changes and technology, but at the heart of it, it hasn’t changed much in years. SEO is based on good content and getting links to your site, and the poor content many businesses have tried to get away with in the past just doesn’t work anymore. Links are also not straightforward and difficult for business owners to understand. Many SEO companies or marketing companies will tell you that they threw in SEO and will do basic SEO fundamentals like tagging your site, but if there are no links coming in, it won’t do much. A big part of making SEO work is generating links.  You should work with a company that can help you utilize your current relationships to get link strength as well as have their own relationships.  For example we have built over a decade of relationships with bloggers and directories that truly boost your ranking strength and make SEO work so you don’t have to just trust some smooth talking salesman who doesn’t have any proof to show.

Why You Should be Doing SEO

SEO OpportunityWith so many businesses shying away from SEO, yet it still being one of the most effective methods for helping your business succeed, there is still a tremendous amount of opportunity to rank and get customers if you do it now and you do it right. If you pick a company with a proven track record like us and do it right, you can get there and be amazed at how customers start to show up at your phone, door, or inbox. Though there is some time involved in ramping up and getting you going in the right direction, once you do and start to get on track, the rankings don’t go away immediately, so even slowing your budget, you won’t just disappear, as you may with other advertising channels. You just need good, thorough content, and an SEO that knows what they are doing like us. An A+ BBB business. Take the guess work and stress out of SEO and let us worry about how you react to the latest Google changes. It is all a part of your ongoing plan. If you need to tweak your content one month, we will pivot and help that. If you just need to build links, we have that covered too. As long as you are doing SEO right, there is tremendous opportunity, as many still don’t do it and many that do, aren’t doing it right.

Why is SEO Unpopular When So Effective?
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Why is SEO Unpopular When So Effective?
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
A recent study was recently published by Clutch showed that SEO was the least popular digital marketing channel. Here is why that is an opportunity for you.
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