With the craziness of the pandemic and just not getting out much, we missed the You Can Be Found Anywhere from October. We will make up for it with a couple in November, starting with a beautiful fall day in West Virginia at Blackwater Falls. With the beautiful changing leaves, we talked about change and how just like the seasons, the Google algorithm is constantly turning. While we only tend to have a couple of big ticket algorithm changes each year, there are subtle changes happening every day, as Google continually tries to improve their product for the searchers.

SEO is About Constant Change

As I mentioned, the Google algorithm is in a constant state of flux. With little adjustments made constantly and big changes a few times each year. It can be difficult for a small business owner to know what they have to worry about. One of the most valuable and most overlooked skills for a small business SEO consultant is to actually know which changes matter. With a history going back to 2006, we have learned what to focus on and what can slip by. Google algorithm adjustments will target specific aspects of search and try to improve the user experience. One tweak may be about speed, while another is about content length or pulling out specific passages on a longer page of content.

With SEO, everything is relative, but you are always trying to provide your users with the best user experience and answers to their questions. Google is also looking to do this, so your goals align in that respect. You just have to do it better than your competitors. If a Google update rewards speed, but all of your competitors are slower than you are, you don’t need to pour budget into speeding up, but if they reward more thorough and specific content and you have all of your services outlined in a sentence each on one main services page, you have some important work to do. We can help point you in the right direction and get the most out of your important budget dollars. That is why we have been successful for so long and earned an A+ rating and 5-stars on Google. We care about our customers and get results. We embrace change and adjust with it so you don’t have to worry about it.

Now enjoy the lovely Blackwater Falls in WV. If y0u’d like a close-up video of the falls in action, you can go here.