As we get to nearly a month into 2018 already, we already have seen Google announce yet another big algorithm update to go with the “mobile first” change and the two big updates at the end of 2017.  As we see technology progress and Google progress with it or even ahead of it, it underlines the need for a good relationship with a knowledgeable and professional web developer even more. Security, site speed, functionality, and content updates are more important than they have ever been to help your business succeed, and the set it and forget it web developer that you can’t find or get a response from a month after you finish your site just won’t cut it anymore.

The Web Developer of the Past

Dealing with small businesses on a regular basis, I often run into the website that was built by a cousin or friend or student in the past and nobody knows how to get in or make updates.  I also often run into websites built with these free tools that sadly are typically a year or two behind in getting key functionality or common and important pieces to the puzzle. When important tweaks or updates are needed to keep up with the times it becomes difficult to get a response or the person that build it may not even know how to make the tweak or update. Worse yet, they won’t admit they don’t know how and end up taking months to just make things worse. I’ve seen this too many times.

The Web Developer of the Future

Importance of Web Developer: NJ, NYC, PANow we need a developer who is actively making themselves better and keeping up with the changes in the industry. We all know updates aren’t free, but we at least want to know that they are available and we can plan for them.  Working with a developer you know you can trust is important.  Most offer at least a basic ongoing updating package to make sure, if nothing else, you keep things updated, but also allow for some basic tweaks and updates. There are a number of things that have regular changes in technology or even the way that Google or users look at them, that can be handled by a good developer.

  • Site Speed: Speed has always led to a better user experience. Who wants to sit around and wait for pages to load, but with the 2018 speed update, it is officially acknowledged by Google as an important factor. There are often technological upgrades that can help your site load more quickly, and a good web developer can help you with them, and help you choose the right and most efficient answers from a number of possibilities.
    • Hosting
    • Plugins that help particular pieces of your site load more quickly
    • Fundamental updates like mobile friendliness and AMP
  • Themes and Functionality: Often tech improvements are made in your industry or even in the way you process your business. Unfortunately, sometimes the theme you built your site with stops being supported or new tactics don’t work very smoothly with the current version of your site. Perhaps you want to start taking payments or information online and need to build in a functionality. The developer can take you through this and help you do it efficiently without having to necessarily reinvent the wheel.
  • Security: Security is more and more of an issue. Sites are regularly being hacked and information stolen. From basic tactics like getting an SSL certificate to plugins and security functionality to reduce your risks, along with regular backups and plugin updates, security is something to be sure to stay on top of on a regular basis so you don’t have to deal with the expense of losing your site, your rankings, or your information.

Find A Developer That Knows What They Are Doing

Though we are not web developers at You Can Be Found, we have worked for over a decade with web developers all over the country and we know who is good and passionate at what they do, as well as having worked with those that don’t care or don’t respond. If you are ready to upgrade your relationship with your web developer, give us a call and we will connect you with someone who will treat your business with care and respect, as if it was their own. Someone that will become part of your team instead of a liability.  Though I try to include basic development work in SEO plans we do for clients if we need to, more advanced work takes a real developer that knows what they are doing. We know who knows what they are doing and are happy to share the information to make everyone better off. Give us a call.

Web Developer Relationship More Important Than Ever in 2018
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Web Developer Relationship More Important Than Ever in 2018
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
As we see technology progress and Google progress with it or even ahead of it, it underlines the need for a good relationship with a knowledgeable and professional web developer even more. 
Jeremy Skillings
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