In a scary turn, Google is now notifying some Google Ads advertisers that it will have its own experts begin managing their campaigns.  You have 7 days to opt out of this. Let’s put this in perspective a little bit.

Google Will Control How You Spend Money With Them

Google AdsThis is like handing your car dealer your wallet and telling him to pick your car, or handing your realtor your wallet and asking them to choose your house.  I have always warned business owners that actually having Google manage their campaigns is a bad idea unless you have absolutely no clue what to do. How can they possibly be unbiased when you are paying them the ad dollars. Some would say that they will want you to succeed so that you keep advertising, but I would warn you that they want you to succeed just enough for you to keep advertising, so if you want that level of success, go for it.

Especially businesses that don’t sell online and rely on phone calls and contacts and don’t necessarily pay for call tracking services. Google can’t tell what a good visit is necessarily anyway, and will make generic adjustments to your account to get you more clicks that may not necessarily mean more business. More clicks is more money for them, but quality clicks is more business for you.  It is actually a bit scary that this is even legal.

I primarily wanted to put out a warning to help you fully understand what this means.  It sounds easy and helpful, but if you think about it for a moment, it makes no sense at all. I have actually been called in to fix Google Ads accounts where the business let a Google rep help them with changes and all of their calls stopped coming in. Google doesn’t know your business, they know what people click on. Be very, very careful with this.  Google Ads management is not a high-profit item for agencies like ours, but something we do to help clients succeed and often supplement a good SEO plan.  Most money is going to Google anyway, but the small little adjustments and tweaks you make to make sure you are getting the most out of your money, shouldn’t be done by the people you are paying the money to. Always get an independent person to take a look at your campaigns on occasion and make sure you aren’t wasting lots of valuable budget. OK, rant over, but be careful.