Have you ever been in the middle of something and had a moment of clarity to solve some problem that has been bugging you?  Often times the solution is to find a small business nearby that will solve your issue. If that moment of clarity happens when you are out and about, whether it be fishing or running errands, you typically turn to your phone and Google to get the answer.  Well, guess what, that is where SEO or search engine marketing comes in.  In my latest You Can Be Found Anywhere, I had a moment of clarity while out kayaking in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, a four-hour drive or so from Hanoi.  When I had my moment of clarity, it was about other people’s moments of clarity and how they turn to their phone and Google. Having your business easily found in search means you show up at that exact moment when your customer has had that moment of clarity and goes to search for their solution. Make sure that the solution is you. You know that it should be, but you have to do the work to make sure it is your site that shows up and not some competitor.

Ha Long Bay YCBF Anywhere

SEO Puts You In Front Of Customers at Their Moment of Clarity

Whether it be a local search or something broader with only standard organic results. Whether it is a direct search for a service or a search for information that starts them down the sales funnel to eventually coming to you as their trusted source and solution.  Make sure your site is equipped to be there to grab their attention and stand out at that moment. That is often the most important chance for your business to enter in that customer’s world.

You Can Be Found will help you get your business in the right place when the moment of clarity arrives. For over a decade we have helped businesses get found and get business from search and we will be here for years to come because of a love for how search works. If you aren’t sure what to do, we can do it for you, or help teach you how to do it yourself, but you can count on the right answers with You Can Be Found. We aren’t looking for shortcuts, we provide legitimate answers that last for the long term and don’t get you in trouble three months down the road. You want to get found, you should give us a call.