Sometimes in the world of SEO we get a little too black and white in a world with a lot of grays. Google themselves tells us that the number one ranking factor is user experience (UX), which probably includes hundreds of what we all consider individual ranking factors, which opens up to a lot of gray areas. Google gets better and better at measuring what people want and what keeps them on a page that is presented as a search query.  The good news is you are in the perfect place, with a little bit of creativity, to offer a unique and useful user experience to searchers, that answers what they need.

Too often SEO‘s focus on unique content just meaning that the text is different from others and not copying it word for word.  It is more than that. Unique content should set you apart from your competitors and give customers something more.  I have posted about “information gain” in the past, and how that helps separate you. It can be more than just that. Adding extra value to your customers with information they don’t find elsewhere, due to your special expertise, is a great way to start.  However, there is more you can do to stand out.

Unique Presentation of Unique Content

I recently read an article in the Economist about the way Russians receive information, or disinformation, in their everyday lives. It was a very unique experience the way the Economist presented it and tried to capture the feel of what an average day was to a Russian in terms of taking in the news and information presented to them. It reminded me again of how to try to take it to another level with unique content. As small business owners, we don’t always have the budget to create user experiences like the Economist can do, but we can think through unique ways to not only write our information but to present it.  I thought that article was cool enough that I took note and shared it with several friends.

User Experience (UX) Will Always Be Key

Small Biz User Experience UX YCBFAre there ways you can present your solution to your users in a different way that will make them stop, stay, and take note?  Maybe they will even share it with others. Can you make a concept easier to understand through a step-by-step process or infographic that is unique to certain users’ situations? If you think of your service as being the solution to many different types of user issues, you can possibly recreate these steps in many ways with slight distinctions based on the specific problem they solve.  They can be scaled and not cost a lot of money. You have a unique talent and solution. Personalize it to your market and give them a presentation, not just the words, that make your page a go-to destination to solve that problem. As the Google algorithm evolves and even AI starts writing standard unique content to describe products and services, the way to differentiate yourself further truly is in the experience. Think it through. You have the expertise to provide it with a little creativity. Don’t forget, the top ranking factor is the experience.