The Google My Business (GMB) page is becoming more and more important for not only just local businesses but every business trying to do business through Google, which is pretty much a required piece of your marketing strategy going into 2019. Earlier this year, I did video posts on how to claim your GMB listing and also on how to do GMB posts, which are helpful in many different ways for your presence in organic search. If you haven’t checked these out yet, please go take a look.  You need to be maintaining and posting to your GMB on at least a weekly basis.

Touring the GMB

On the heels of these other GMB instructional videos, I have put together about a 10-minute overview and tour of the GMB listing from the back end and a little bit of the Q&A functionality on the front end. This is a helpful reference to bookmark and go back to understand everything that you can do with your GMB listing and also what is important to do. I highly recommend filling out as much of your information as possible. Be thorough and specific. The GMB listing is your direct relationship with Google and a chance to tell them one to one about your business.  Google will relate this information to your business entity as a whole, and it will have a bearing on your standing in organic search results.

The GMB Tour video touches on the following:

  • GMB MenuPosts: Though the other video goes into more detail about how to post, this video shows where the posts are in your GMB back end, and touches on the importance of posting frequently to your GMB.
  • Insights: Google is intercepting much of the traffic that used to go to your website with the GMB listing. As long as they are calling or coming to your business, it may not necessarily matter to you, but Insights gives you some data about how many people are seeing and interacting with your GMB page.
  • Photos: This is pretty straightforward, but you should add as many short videos and pictures of or related to your business as you can.  Google likes to show this stuff off, so give them the tools to promote you.
  • Users: You can grant different people different levels of access to help you manage your GMB page. If you have someone in your office that you want to do the posts for you, you can give them access here.
  • reviews: Respond to reviews here.  People and Google like when you interact with them.  Thank them for their positive review or respond and try to resolve a negative one.  This is a great opportunity to interact with your customers.
  • Settings: Go in and set your notifications. Most likely, you want to know if someone has asked your business a question or left a review. This is where you can set things up so you get these notifications.
  • Q&A: People can now ask your business questions directly on the GMB page.  What is a little scarier, other users can answer questions on your GMB page. It is a good idea to seed your page with some good Q&A that offers more information about your business, and also to respond to other questions in the way you want them to be answered.

Enjoy this video and refer to it yourself when you want to get rolling on your GMB and getting found more often in 2019. If you want more help with local search or SEO, please give us a call. We have been doing it the right way for over 12 years and helping businesses succeed all across the country.