In a special thank you post for Thanksgiving I wanted to post a thank you to all of the good people around the world that give their lives to help a cause they strongly believe in. We all try to do our share in helping the world, but often work and life get us sidetracked. I joined my local rotary to make sure I had the opportunity to do good and help the community. I highly recommend rotary as they are always doing things from the local to the international level that you can get involved with in your spare time to be a soldier for good in the world.  Whatever your skill set, you can find a way to help via your rotary. There are many other organizations doing great things out there though and you can find one that matches your passion. My wife Karen has a passion for helping animals and volunteers for the ASPCA, an0ther great organization you can help with.

Elephant Nature Park: A Force For Good

Elephants in Thailand: Elephant Nature ParkThis post is a shout out to another organization that happens to be completely on the other side of the globe. We recently visited the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Though it also rescues cats and dogs and apparently water buffalo, it is most known for rescuing elephants, which are one of the most intelligent species on earth and are often mistreated horribly both in Thailand and around the world, including in our own circuses here in the USA. I suggest you visit their site and learn about the amazing things they do, and if you ever happen to be in Thailand, schedule time to visit as an eco-tourist. You will not be disappointed. It will change your outlook on things. It is an extremely enriching day. You can also volunteer to work there for multiple days. My wife Karen and I may head back and do that as well.  You almost feel like you should be doing more when you only show up for one day to take the tour around the park and see everything they are doing.

If you would like to help the elephants, there are many great ways to fund good projects here on their site.  As I mentioned, there are many people out there dedicating their lives to great causes, and we should all be thankful to all of them. Go find one that fits your passion or better yet, start one on your own.  The beauty of all of us in the world being different and having different interests and passions is there are always people that believe so strongly in making a difference in different areas, and the internet makes the world smaller, so we can usually find people with like passions and really change the world.  Let’s be thankful for all of the people out there changing the world for the better, and find ways that we can help them help us.