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Negative Keywords More Important Now Than Ever

With Google basically removing the concept of a true exact match keyword a few months ago, negative keywords have become more important than ever.  Just to clarify, when you advertise on Google Adwords, you now basically give Google a concept that you want to advertise for, but you don't get to pick the specific keywords. [...]

You May be Wasting Over Half of Your Adwords Budget

I'm sad to say that I have run in to a lot of Adwords campaigns recently that were set up by people that claim to be professionals, but were set up horribly and were basically just handing money to Google with little or no chance of actually gaining the company. I strongly urge any small [...]

Google Adwords Primer: Negative Keywords

One of the more common things I find on a monthly basis when analyzing client Adwords accounts, is more negatives to add to our keyword lists.  A negative keyword is a keyword you add to your "Negative Keywords" list on either a campaign or adgroup level.  If you add a negative, your ad will not [...]

PPC Landing Page Fundamentals

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone.  I was going to do a post this week just wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but thought I might as well give you something to help you too.  Next week, in honor of the NFL Playoffs, I'm going to do a post on SEM Playoffs, with [...]

Google Adwords Consulting Basics: Avoiding Common Mistakes Part 2

Today we continue with some Adwords Consulting basics that were started a month ago in Part 1. In August we talked about the structure of your Adwords program on a concept level and how it is important to be as specific as possible. This week I will talk about campaign structure and budgeting to show [...]

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PPC Budget Management: Avoiding Geographic Leaks

Google's Adwords and other pay per click advertising options provide a lot of bells and whistles to help you best target your advertising dollars. Though if you know what you are doing and are experienced in working in these environments, these can be great options to help you target your dollars as specifically as possible, [...]

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