Building Links with Love on Valentine’s Day

There has been a lot of information out in the industry about links in recent months. I have read a number of studies and articles about types and categories of links and what works and doesn't.  For those of you who are new to this, once you have your content laid out, links are the [...]

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Link Building isn’t dead, just hard

Inbound links have always been at the heart of any SEO plan.  Many DIYers can aim their site properly and even correct technical issues to some extent, but link building takes a whole different set of skills. Often web developers tell users that their site has been SEO'ed or built in SEO. This is true [...]

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The Golden Rule of Link Building

So with all of the penalties and algorithm adjustments trying to keep people from cheating the system in terms of link building and establishing links, it becomes very confusing to small business owners whether sites or links are worth linking with.  Much like you may go to the Better Business Bureau or look up reviews [...]

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SEO Championship Game: In Page SEO vs Off Page SEO

In a continuation of the SEO Playoffs we did a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would finalize things by having the two winners face off in the championship game. I'm avoiding the actual label to avoid getting sued by the NFL, as you see they are having a lot of legal battles lately [...]

Google Penguin 3.0 Released

The angry Google Penguin has reared its ugly head again.  Last Friday Google released the 3.0 version of the Google Penguin algorithm adjustment.  This was not well publicized and Google didn't even acknowledge it until 24 hours later.  Google Penguin is know for penalizing sites that have used unsavory link building techniques and link spamming [...]

3 C’s of SEO Link Building Basics: Links Aren’t Dead But Bad Links Are

I've had a few conversations with business owners recently who had heard that link building was dead.  I think some sales people are telling people that because many of the canned link building programs that the national companies have provided are indeed dead.  They never should have worked to begin with but Google finally figured [...]

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This 4th of July, Avoid Google Fireworks with Natural Link Building for Small Businesses

The latest Google algorithm change has pointed even more to them trying to get away from the corner they have backed themselves in to with links being such a strong part of your site strength. Because of the environment that they have set, companies for years have been trying to get links in somewhat unnatural [...]

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