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Can I Be (301 re-) Direct With You About Your Site Redesign?

Being in the SEO world for over ten years I see different issues come and go and change. Sometimes you seem to run in to handfuls of the same problem in batches.  Recently I have run in to a number of clients and prospects that had issues or were planning to redesign their websites to [...]

Climbing a New SEO Mountain: Learnings from Day 1 of SMX Advanced

Day  1 is complete at SMX Advanced in Seattle and I just wanted to share the big headlines I took away from the day.  The Day 2 update may be a little delayed as I have to go directly to the airport for a red eye after the conference. Hopefully will have it put together [...]

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Huh?

Have you seen a lot of recent articles on Google AMP and whether it is a factor or not? Wondering what Google AMP is but  nobody has really explained it to you very well? Hopefully this will help. Last year Google put together a project called AMP to help speed up the mobile experience. At [...]

Google Rebranding, Quality Update & Twitter…Oh My?

This is my last week abroad but lots has happened while I'm out of the country.  Just wanted to use the blog this week to touch base on some new and somewhat important news items from the week that could be important to you and your rankings. Google Quality Update: Many noticed ranking changes earlier [...]

Masters of SEO: My Site Used to Work Before My Redesign

This week I figured I would try to take advantage of the greatest event in golf, The Masters, with an SEO Masters post.  The name is where the metaphor ends for the most part. I just wanted to highlight a couple of little SEO mistakes that I have come across in the last couple of weeks [...]

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SEO Championship Game: In Page SEO vs Off Page SEO

In a continuation of the SEO Playoffs we did a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would finalize things by having the two winners face off in the championship game. I'm avoiding the actual label to avoid getting sued by the NFL, as you see they are having a lot of legal battles lately [...]

The Conference Championships: SEO Style

As a big fan of football, I thought I would have a little fun with the playoffs that are going on with an SEO conference championship playoff post. We are going to look at 4 broad categories of SEO and though all are important, I will put them up against each other in a battle [...]

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NFL Championships & SEO: A fun metaphor

With the NFL season upon us and me being a big fan, I thought I'd have a little metaphor fun with SEO. I meant to get this out yesterday but it got very busy so I'm still getting it out before all but one games kicks off this weekend. Below are some fun NFL and [...]

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“In Page” SEO More Important than Ever

In the SEO world, there is often talk of "On Page SEO" and "Off Page SEO". This refers to your actual content and targeting keywords on your page with "On Page" while the "Off Page" work is about building up your relationships and links and citations for your site. In recent months what I like [...]

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