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Google Penguin Update: Here it comes, what to do…

Gary Illyes of Google confirmed there will be a Penguin algorithm update at Google before the end of 2015.  To refresh your memories, Penguin is the algorithm update that penalized spammy link building practices. The last one was in 2014 and if you were hit by it, you definitely know what it is.  If you [...]

Did You Get a CSS/JS Warning From Google Today?

If you have a website and received a warning message from Google today, please take heed.  Though they have sent out some mistaken messages in recent weeks, this one is for real. They are warning people that if their site blocks CSS or JS it can hurt you in the rankings.  This rule has actually [...]

Schema Markup Penalty: What is it?

This week news came out that Google did an algorithmic update to punish sites that did structured markup or schema incorrectly or in a spammy manner.  I wanted to touch on this lightly just to explain what it is because most small business owners I run across are not even using structured markup so it [...]

Twoogle? and Mobilegeddon Letdown: SEM News Update

Just wanted to update people with some news in the industry.  The biggest news this week has been the Mobilegeddon results a week after the roll out was supposed to kick off.  The other news this week was that starting in May Twitter is granting Google access to their live feed.  We don't know exactly [...]

Mobile SEO Calm Before The Storm

Today is tax day and we are less than a week away from what some have called Google's Mopocalypse among other catchy names for the Google Mobile Friendly algorithm update.  I have been warning clients, prospects and people at events I attend for quite some time that it was coming, but I also understand that [...]

Deflategate-Cheating in SEO-Is it OK?

In the spirit of the nation being completely obsessed with deflated footballs and cheating this week, I thought I would touch on "Black Hat SEO" and how it can cause problems for someone.  Much like deflating footballs, if you are doing it, you know you are cheating.  At least as a professional Search Engine Marketing [...]

Thoughts on Continuous Google Penguin Updates

Google recently announced that instead of having specific dates for their Penguin algorithm update, it will now be continuous.  This seems logical as technology moves forward and it is easy to make little tweaks and adjustments.  Before I go in to my thoughts on this, I would like to provide a little background on algorithm [...]

Google Penguin 3.0 Released

The angry Google Penguin has reared its ugly head again.  Last Friday Google released the 3.0 version of the Google Penguin algorithm adjustment.  This was not well publicized and Google didn't even acknowledge it until 24 hours later.  Google Penguin is know for penalizing sites that have used unsavory link building techniques and link spamming [...]

Ethical SEO: We’ve always known what’s right and wrong

In recent weeks the industry has been talking about coming together and writing ethical guidelines to SEO.  When you get in this industry, as I assume is the case with any industry, you know the difference between right and wrong and taking shortcuts vs. doing it right.  There are certain areas of gray that can [...]

This 4th of July, Avoid Google Fireworks with Natural Link Building for Small Businesses

The latest Google algorithm change has pointed even more to them trying to get away from the corner they have backed themselves in to with links being such a strong part of your site strength. Because of the environment that they have set, companies for years have been trying to get links in somewhat unnatural [...]

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