This month our You Can Be Found Anywhere finds me in Bentonville, AR at the site of the first-ever Walmart store.  The world is changing with the COVID-19 experience and many new businesses and types of businesses are going to spring forward with success. Much like Walmart took the world by storm after starting in 1950, your business may suddenly make that pivot or get started to meet a new need that the world is craving. Walmart wasn’t an instant success, so those of us that have been working hard for a number of years still have the opportunity to make that adjustment and take off.

SEO the Source of Success in The New Normal

More than ever before, SEO is a foundational piece of a business plan. Right now people are stuck inside, and in many cases, the search engines are their only method of finding new products and services. Even when we return to see more businesses opening up, there will be more focus on search and virtual experiences than ever before.  There is an opportunity there, and the best way to seize that opportunity is through SEO. This morning I spoke to a friend about many organizations that have moved to virtual meetings seeing the opportunity of expanding memberships via this new platform. Technology allows us to expand our interests beyond geographic limitations. SEO allows us to “get found” by searchers just about anywhere, which is what got this whole You Can Be Found Anywhere series started. If you are capable of serving customers anywhere, SEO can let them find you from anywhere.

Become the next Walmart and lay the foundation with the proper SEO plan going forward.  We have been doing it right since 2006 and can get you moving in the right direction. Don’t forget key components of a good SEO plan.

  • reviews: Ask everyone for reviews and respond with thank you’s or help for any issues you find.
  • Content: Make sure you have unique and useful content that outlines everything you offer.
  • UX: Make sure your website is user friendly and makes it easy for users to both find information and to hire you.
  • Measurement: Make sure you are measuring the right “conversions” so you can make the right decisions moving forward.
  • Links: Google values other websites linking to you. Turn your offline relationships into links or “endorsements” of your business, to strengthen your pages and site in the rankings.

We specialize in helping do some, or all of this for clients. We fill in the gaps by teaching you how to fish or fishing and making the meal for you so you can focus on your core business. We are happy to step in with flexible plans to help the way you want to be helped, so maybe you can be the next Walmart success story.