Seems like there are as many search marketing companies out there as there are websites these days. How do you decide who is actually going to help you in search and knows what they are doing versus who is just trying to take your money and fake their way through?  Below is why we are the best choice for actually making you stand out with your Search Engine Marketing, whether it be SEO or Adwords and other PPC programs.  If you aren’t spending your money with someone that is helping you, it doesn’t really matter what you spend, because it isn’t going anywhere.

Over 10 Years Of Experience

  • We have been around for over 10 years and I have successfully helped businesses in many, many industries. Many people sprout up trying to take advantage of the desire for businesses fo succeed in search, but it takes a deep knowledge of this every changing industry, and most only know the basics. We have the experience to judge what is trendy and what is legitimate, and we help your business in the most efficient way your budget will allow. We are an A+ business with the Better Business Bureau and aren’t going to disappear on you or run away with your money.

Major Investment in Continuous Education

  • There may be no industry that changes and adjusts as much as the search engine marketing industry.  At my most recent search conference, Google announced two algorithm updates each day we were there.  Speaking of conferences, I have invested in heading out to Seattle each June for the best conference in the search industry, SMX Advanced. The brightest minds in the search world gather to discuss what is working and what is changing. Often, these are big companies sharing their research and knowledge for other big companies, but I bring it back to help smaller businesses. I also have attended many local search conferences to focus on small, local businesses and the differences regularly occurring in that world. I don’t see other so-called small business SEO specialists from NJ at these conferences. It is usually just me and the big companies and their in-house search people. I pay close attention to Google and maintain my status as a Google Certified partner, passing tests on an annual basis to prove my knowledge and expertise.

Translating to the Smaller Business

  • One of the things I take great pride in is my ability to take what these big corporate budgets have learned and translate them to help smaller businesses. Some of these tactics or tools just can’t work with small businesses, but others can be tweaked or changed to fit smaller business budgets and websites. I have been adjusting this stuff and taking advantage of cutting edge methods and tactics for years before other small businesses have even heard of some of these things. I also can help translate how soon you may need to pull the trigger on certain new tactics. Some things that are important to big publisher websites may not be as important to a small business just yet, but the headlines would have you think otherwise. We keep on top of this so you are spending your money the right way.

Flexibility of Plans in a Constantly Changing Environment

  • Besides my successful history and commitment, one of the big differences and reasons for selecting You Can Be Found is our flexibility.  These corporate media companies and marketing companies that formulate SEO and PPC plans for small businesses often package together tactics and plans that worked 5 years ago, but simply don’t make a difference today. Since large companies take a longer time to adjust plans and tactics and put them into their corporate plans, if they are even paying attention, you are always signing up for a plan that is out of date. I make major adjustments to my plans each year and regroup at each major algorithm change or updated Adwords offering to make sure we are doing things most efficiently. There is flexibility in the monthly plan to adjust to what is working right away. If we suddenly need to focus more on content issues because Google is focusing more on word count, or certain types of links seem to be getting more credibility with Google, we can switch up on a monthly basis and always make sure from month to month we are using your budget the smartest and best way to move you forward.

A Passion for The Industry and our Clients

  • When I was growing up, my grandfather took me aside and said I needed to find something I had a passion for in life. I needed to find something where I would skip to work every day.  Well, my passion is search. I’m not doing this because it is a hot topic and I need a way to make money. I quit my successful corporate job because I found something I love. I love staying up to date with Google’s constant changes, even if it can be stressful not knowing what factor they may devalue tomorrow and scare clients. The good thing about being with me is my small town upbringing that actually makes me care for each and every client. If there is a change in the algorithms, as there always is, we find a way to adjust every month, and I work with clients to help them help themselves too.  I put in time with my clients when they have questions or concerns in a confusing industry that changes every day. There are no stupid questions and most clients take comfort in knowing that someone they trust is handling this important but confusing aspect of their business, so they can focus on what they do best.

We are here for you, Give us a call!

  • Whether it is SEO, Adwords, Social PPC, or  you aren’t sure where to start, we can lay out a plan for you and help you make the right decisions.  You may want a little of everything or you may find one method works best for your situation.  We are experts in all of it, so you can be sure whatever you choose, we will help you make it succeed and get you new customers, patients, and clients. That is what we do best while you do what you do best.
Standing Out: The Best Search Marketing Choice for Your NJ Business
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Standing Out: The Best Search Marketing Choice for Your NJ Business
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
How do you decide who is actually going to help you in search and knows what they are doing versus who is just trying to take your money and fake their way through?
Jeremy Skillings
You Can Be Found