Content is King!  That is one of the first things you learn in SEO and sometimes one of the toughest things for small business owners to fully get behind.  Small business owners often want to control the message, but adding regular content writing to their already busy schedule can tend to push it to the back burner. I totally get that. You want to control your message and many of these “writing services” are so generic they don’t provide information in your voice or in a way you agree with.

Top of Sales Funnel Topics for Small Business

Unfortunately, content is a really important part of SEO success, even for small businesses. Often, when just getting started with SEO, the “end of the funnel” search terms are a little bit too competitive to jump right in and get traffic, but there are often competition gaps for some of the topics further up the funnel, and if you can be smart and write content that speaks to this part of the funnel, it can sometimes build your strength for the long term for those tougher terms, but also capture potential clients or customers early on that will eventually turn into purchasers.

  • Personas: Think about potential customers and their needs.  Who are the specific people that need your product or service? Break them down into individual personas and write content that addresses their specific issues.
  • Audience: Similarly, address more broad audiences you can help and their issues.  Is it a specific industry or geography. Address their headache that you are going to help cure.
  • Specific Problems: What problems are you the remedy for.  Speak to that problem and potential solutions, including yours.

All of these are good ways to catch people at the top of the funnel before they are searching for your more broad, bottom of the funnel solution. Think about it from their viewpoint and what their path may be before knowing what they need. Help push them along that path with your content.