One of the questions I hear most often in my discussions with business owners is “what do I write about?” The first and foremost thing you should focus on is having a good page of content for every service you offer and you want to show up for. Though there has been a lot of talk in the SEO world about passage indexing in 2021, Google still looks at pages as entities. Each page has a major topic of relevancy and you want to create good content around that. This recent article digs deeply into how Google looks at the core concepts on a page to decide what the page is about. At the highest level, it shows that in a lot of ways, especially at the small business product and service level, they are still looking at individual pages as the main answer to searches.

What Should You Do?

Make sure you have pages on your website that address every major product or service offering. On top of that, or maybe phase two would be to start thinking about creating pages for every problem your product or service is a solution to. Remember to meet the customer where they need you. Often they may not even know about your product or service but they do know they have a problem and don’t know how to solve it.  Create blog posts or FAQs that answer these common problems and questions that your customers ask. Remember that Google thinks on a page-by-page basis and files each page on your site into a bucket for what question it answers. So you should have a page for that. Also remember that with SEO, each individual service page or FAQ page can be the first and possibly the only page that your customer sees on your site. Make sure you include important information like why they should hire you and a good description of how your process works on top of just explaining the product or service. A lot of people miss this. Don’t make your customers go fishing around for this info.  Give them a clear path to your reviews, your pricing, your history. All of the decision-making pieces of information should be clear and obvious. Either on the page or in a very clear link from the page.

Content is King

Remember in SEO “content is king” and always make sure you have content addressing your key questions and searches you want to be found for.  This all snowballs because as you add more and more solid content to your site, your domain becomes viewed as a more reputable source for all topics in your general industry. This will give more weight to all of the new content you create that falls within your topic.  Basic strategies but a key to continued growth and success. Put yourself in your customers shoes and answer all of their questions with pages on your site. A page for every concept I always say.