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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is here, but nobody was quite sure if it would stick. We have seen Google launch ideas that never quite worked out and then went away in the past.  Google+ anyone? Many of us didn’t love GA4 when we first saw it but it looks like it is here to stay. As Google deals with more privacy issues, they needed to transform the way they collect data.  Now it is official that the Google Analytics we have all been using is going away on July 1 2023.

Time to Get Set Up

Analytics with YCBFWhat does that mean for you?  It is time to get ready.  With the old analytics going away next July, it is a great idea to get your own GA4 set up before this July (2022) to make sure you have year over year data to compare when you are reliant on GA4 data in 2023 to make your business decisions.

Though the process to set up the basic GA4 on your site is somewhat straightforward, it can still be a bit confusing if you aren’t used to dealing with code on your website.  Furthermore, the goals you may have set up on your current version of Analytics, most likely won’t transfer over to GA4 and will need to be set up again, and in a different manner. Now is a good time to revisit what you have been measuring and what you can measure going forward. It is important to match as closely as possible to your current conversions and do it by July, so you can compare to the previous year once July 2023 rolls around.

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You have no obligation or long-term commitment, but if you want to follow up with a true SEO campaign that begins to build your site strength so you climb the rankings, we can add that to the project. Measuring your digital presence the right way is critical to making important decisions for the success of your business. Even if SEO is not a big component of your marketing plan, your website traffic likely is.  GA4 measures what all of your traffic is doing and whether it is successfully doing the things you want it to do. We have been doing this for over fifteen years and are an A+ BBB company with a 4.9+ rating on Google. Basic setup is typically less than $500. More advanced goal creation and transfer would cost a bit more.

Please just fill out the form about your business so we can get started helping you. 

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