You work hard at what you do.  You are successful because you have a passion and love for what you offer. The hard part is all of the other stuff that comes with running your business. The accounting, the HR, and the other stuff. And of course the marketing. How do you decide what works and what doesn’t? Good digital marketing is obviously a key piece to the success puzzle, but it is all so complicated.  How does it work and who do you trust?

15+ Years of Proven Success at Moving the Dial

This is where we step in. This is my passion.  Even more, part of why I love what I do is that every business, industry, and market is different. That is what keeps it fun and interesting to me.  I don’t try to force everyone into the same plan. If anything is true in digital marketing in the last 20 years it is that things have trended toward getting more specific to the users, industries, and specific businesses. Though there are fundamentals that can’t be ignored, every business is different, and we make it easy by creating the right plan for your goals, budget, and business resources. This is hard but this is why it works. If it is easy, it probably isn’t doing much. Our goal is to fit into the cracks with guidance and resources so that we boost the parts that you can’t boost yourself, but also not to charge you for resources you already have.

Pieces to the Plan Puzzle

Digital Marketing Consultant/ServicesWhether it is Google Ads, geofencing, SEO, or primarily just local search, there are important aspecst to your plan that need to be put together. With our experience in the industry, we know where you need help and where you don’t. There are many factors to take into account.

  • Budget – How much do you have to spend? What is the best use of that budget for your goals?
  • Location – Some markets are more competitive than others and can be targeted with different tactics.
  • Industry – The players in the industry are key parts to building authority and trust with Google and your users.
  • Client Skills and Expertise – Some businesses have great writers on staff or graphic designers handy to make great display ads. Others need full support.
  • Short-Term Goals – Do you need sales yesterday or are you looking more to get your brand name more widely seen?
  • Long-Term Goals – New markets, keyword/concept research, Paid ads assisting SEO during a build-up.

Information is Key

It is the age of information and choosing which information to focus on. We all can’t know everything and sometimes one of your greatest strengths is to know what you know and to find the right people to trust with what you don’t know. If you want to relieve yourself of the stress of keeping up to date with every Google update and change to their ads programs and just know your budget is in good hands, find a digital marketing company with a great track record at doing things the right way. We are one of those companies. We are not the only ones. I have told people in the past that they appear to be on the right track and to stick with who they are using.  We are here to fit in the gaps if you need it and get your digital marketing running like a finely tuned machine. Give us a call or text right here from this page.