One of the key aspects of helping small businesses succeed with SEO is knowing where to focus your resources. There are literally hundreds of ranking factors to worry about. Each having different weights for different types of searches and industries.  Typically the small business owner doesn’t have the time or budget to have every “i” dotted or “t” crossed.  Focusing on the things that move the needle the most is imperative.

Small Business Targeted Content is King

Content is King SEOIn an industry where the phrase “content is king” has been used for decades now, one of the easy wins for small businesses is to create a lot of specific and unique content in the areas you specialize. The more pages of good content supporting your specialty, the more Google and the real world respect your authority and trust in that topic area. Also, the more specific content you have, the more opportunities you have to rank for specific searches, which are growing and growing. You may never beat the big guys for the broad searches, but you can definitely win with a lot of good content around specific issues that you are the master of.  Without even doing specific keyword research, you can come up with blog posts or site pages that target things people are looking for. Below are some combination ideas to get you going.

  • Your product or service applied to specific geographies (town, county, neighborhood)
  • Your product or service applied to specific types of problems that it solves
  • Your product or service applied to different types of people that may use it
  • Frequently Asked Questions you get every day from customers. (If they ask you, they probably ask Google)
  • Helpful tips and techniques for customers to get the most out of what you offer

These are all great ways to build out your site content around your subject area and show you are the master. Always think of your customer and how you can provide them with helpful “information gain” by being specific and helpful. If you don’t have a great writer on staff, trust your expertise.  Get a spell checker and a tool like Grammarly to cover the basics of your writing and put it out there in your own voice. Don’t be afraid of showing your voice and sharing what you are good at. Put a little list of topics together from the ideas above and sit down and churn one or two out a week and you will be well on your way.