The August 2020 episode of You Can Be Found Anywhere finds me along the shore of the Skillings River in Maine, which is actually a bit difficult to get close to, as much of the land along the river is privately owned.  However, no matter where you are exploring or researching, when a question or need pops up, you typically consult Google for the answer.  SEO can make your business be that answer for people searching from just about anywhere.

The Skillings River and Maine

Tracing my roots, the Skillings family once owned a large part of the land in Maine, including the land where Portland now sits.  At one time, the family leased away the land to the state and then history becomes fuzzy as to why or how it was never given back.  There are still many Skillings’ up in Maine and we find roads, lanes, and of course this river, which is often lost as part of the Mt. Desert Narrows near Acadia National Park. It is always fun to search for mailboxes, street signs, or local businesses with the Skillings name on them when we are able to get up north to Maine. It is a fun and interesting part of our history that my parents have been researching for quite some time.

Skillings River Image

Keep at  Your SEO So You Don’t Lose Your Ranking Real Estate

It is a shame we have lost touch with this part of our early history, and of course that we no longer own much of Maine. In the world of SEO, it is important to keep at your SEO plan and don’t let it go stale.  I hear prospects say that they already did SEO on their site or would like to take a little time off of SEO.  SEO is a great marketing tool and is one of the few strategies that allow you to show up in front of your prospects exactly when they are actively searching for your services and open to what you offer.  However SEO involves continuous freshening, strengthening, and improvement, and if you don’t keep at it, you will show up to that first page of results one day, and see that that ranking isn’t yours anymore, much like the story of the Skillings family and their owning the land in Maine.  Stay on top of the results and keep at it. If you need help, please give us a call.