After a bit of a crazy October, I promised two You Can Be Found Anywhere episodes in November, so here we go with number 2. I know, the whole year has been a bit crazy and it has been a bit more difficult to be found anywhere other than home. However, that makes it even more important than ever to get Googled and get found online. People are turning to Google and other search engines more than ever to find what they need and to search for more specific and relevant terms to our world situation.

New Searches To Target This Winter For Yourself

There are always new searches getting popular that your business can focus on and own the top ranking. With winter setting in and the virus still here, creating content for users to show your outdoor and warm options could be an opportunity to see your business soar. We have recently seen governors nationwide put back in place rules for sending people back indoors or to curbside or delivery methods that are new and unique. If your business can jump on top of new distribution methods and ways to make it easier for your customers in this environment, don’t forget to create content that allows you to show up in Google for it. With so many opportunities, it is a great opportunity to get the top ranking to yourself and see huge boosts in business. We have had clients take advantage of this during the pandemic, and seen record sales levels due to showing up for things that everyone is suddenly searching for but weren’t before.

Getting Top Rankings To Yourself

This is why this episode is about getting that rare piece of beautiful nature, or search engine results, to yourself. Now more than ever, there are more and more opportunities for local businesses, with some tweaks and adding a page or two of content, to capitalize on the major shifts in how people interact with businesses. We have all had to be very flexible in 2020, and small businesses are typically more able to be flexible and adjust on the fly than large corporations. This is how you can outsmart them and out-hustle them to the top of the rankings. Just like getting a beautiful waterfall all to yourself in nature, you can get a beautiful keyword ranking all to yourself in business. There’s nothing quite like it to give you a natural high. If you need a little help, please give us a call.