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Wordpress Support
  • Update Plugins

  • Find and Fix Errors

  • Content Updates

  • Speed Up Your Site and AMP

  • Add Forms or Other Functionality

  • Add analytics or Tracking Codes

  • One Time Charge or Ongoing Plan

What We Do

One thing that I come across quite regularly in helping businesses with search engine plans is disappointment with their web developer.  Often times, they have disappeared on them or charge outlandish fees to make minor adjustments or updates to the website. We want to make it easier for clients and any other business with a WordPress website to make small changes and updates easily, without charging exorbitant fees or waiting for months. Being in the world of search for over a decade, I have run across many different web development companies and have learned who can be relied on.  With this in mind, I can provide assistance to anyone that needs minor site adjustments, content updates, plugin updates or installations, or even significant projects like installing and configuring AMP to speed up your site.  I can make sure a professional steps in and does the job right, or can even provide ongoing maintenance plan if you have more regular issues that need to be addressed. Now you don’t have to worry about tracking down that developer that never responds or seems to have disappeared. You can get work done on your site promptly and be sure it will be done right.

Call Us for WordPress Support or Problems

Even if you aren’t quite sure what your problem is, we can probably find someone to help resolve it. Maybe your site is loading very slowly and you aren’t sure why, or you are seeing errors in a site index and don’t know what to make of it. We are here to not only solve the problems you know about but address the problems you aren’t quite sure how to pinpoint. Give us a ring and we will put someone on it that works with WordPress every day and can come up with an answer for you so you can get back to the things you are best at.

Keeping WordPress Evolving with the Times

With the constantly evolving Google algorithm and advancements in technology, it seems that as soon as we build a new site it is suddenly outdated.  Some issues require a new site, but most can be fixed or updated with a little design work, a plugin, or both.  Whether it is AMP, call tracking, or just adding forms to your site to help gather information from prospects, we can address some of these small projects or be around for the big ones.  We do this with Google and SEO in mind, as well as your end user, and can present options that you may not have even known were available to you.  Give us a call and get it figured out. We are here to help.

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