SEM Talks for Groups or Businesses: SEO, Adwords, Local Search

Jeremy Skillings has been in the SEM world for over 10 years and has been brought in on many occasions to talk to networking groups, chambers of commerce, and even marketing employees at larger companies to help them understand how to better develop and execute an SEO, Adwords, or local search plan for your business.

Please reach out to set up a time for Jeremy to talk to your group or hire him for regular in-house consulting for your business, helping to get your marketing department more knowledgeable in the confusing world of internet marketing so you can be better-equipped in-house to move forward with a better presence in Google, Bing, Facebook and other internet platforms.

SEO Speaking Engagements, Workshops, or Direct Client Teaching Sessions

Jeremy has spoken in every type of situation from search conferences to large companies bringing him in-house for a day or afternoon to help train employees to better understand the rules of the game. He can help teach you how to fish or give you an overview so you just have a basic understanding.

Jeremy has been hired as a regular visitor for marketing firms looking to get their internet marketing employees up to date or stay up to date with the regular changes in the industry. Jeremy has been quoted in the USA today and Marketing Sherpa, and is happy to help find a way to teach your group or organization. We conform to the best way for you or your group to learn.

Give us a call to set something up with your group or organization.