Links are still extremely important in the world of SEO.  They have shown to be a top, if not the top, ranking factor year over year.  Though the details are a bit more intricate, getting more quality links to your pages on your site is critical in fueling your push up the rankings.  As with anything that is important to ranking in Google, many scam artists are out there to try to game the system and take advantage of people that only have a little bit of information.  Getting the right links is as important as getting links. In fact, in the Moz study I linked to above, the total authority of the links has a higher ranking correlation than the total number, showing Google is getting smarter at judging types of links.  All links aren’t created equal and making sure you get good, reputable links from good and reputable sites is critical to spending your budget the right way.

We have spent over a decade working closely with a vast network to be sure that our outreach programs lead to links from legitimate sites that move the needle and get you real results.  This is actually one of the more stressful parts of our business, as this stuff is always changing and contacts and writers change on a daily basis. We take the worry out of it for you and shoulder it ourselves, making sure we are getting you the real thing and not spam or links that go away two weeks after you have put them up.  You have to be very careful with who you trust for these online relationships.

We worry about everything that is important to Google like below:

Domain Authority

Google Updates Link MeasurementsThere are many tools that measure the strength and reputation of websites. We make sure we get you links from authoritative websites that really help boost your site.  We have relationships we have built with bloggers and news writers over the past fifteen years to be sure we are getting real relationships on sites that matter and have current and strong reputations.

A Large and Constantly Changing Network of Relationships

Getting consistent links from different domains is very important. Getting links that stay is important.  We have built relationships since 2006 and continue to work on this every day, weeding out writers that don’t deliver, and adding new ones that do.  We take care of this so you don’t have to, and can just count on regular outreach for a consistent influx of links to your pages and your site to build your own authority and linking strength.

Site Relevance

Site and page authority matters very much, as discussed above, but so does topic relevance. Often the more general news sites are the strongest,  but getting a topically relevant niche site will help fuel your site topic relevance as well. It is important to have a balance of topic relevance and site authority. We keep a close eye to build your link profile as best as we can in a way that will enhance your strength in both areas. We also work to help pinpoint the strategy to focus on the topics and pages that mean the most to you and the Google algorithm.

Local Search MarketingLocal Relevance

Local links are often the toughest to pull together because you are dealing with smaller organizations. We have spent years working with chambers of commerce and local rotary clubs and charities, to come up with relationships with local charities that will not only benefit the charity but our clients, with connections to local websites that link back to theirs. These are great ways to show local relevance and to boost local intent rankings on Google. In some cases we have even built websites for local charity events to help them raise funds and show a more professional image, while at the same time bringing a relationship with many local business sponsors, boosting their SEO rankings.

Link Building Plans or Supplementation:

When all is going smoothly with the Google algorithm, many SEO plans are mostly put toward link outreach because of how important it is to rankings. If you have the rest of SEO figured out, but struggle with links, give us a call and set up a link only plan. If not, we incorporate them into all of our plans because they are just that important. We are an A+ BBB business, a 5-star Google business, and have been navigating the Google algorithm successfully since 2006. Go with someone you can trust, who has been around the block a few times.


Link Building Done Right
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Link Building Done Right
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Links have shown to be a top, if not the top, ranking factor year over year. 
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