Remarketing or Retargeting

Retargeting for Profitable Returns

In the ancient land of brick-and-mortar, if someone visited your business for the first time and walked out after five, 10 or 15 minutes without making a purchase, the probability was high that they weren’t coming back. Visitors to business sites on the internet, however, drop in for seconds, not minutes, and may not have formed an opinion about your product or services. The truth is that only about two percent of website visitors become customers from that first encounter.

Thanks to remarketing, once they’ve stopped in, you can follow them around and entice them to come back. Sound a little creepy? That would surely be the case in brick-and-mortar land, but this is an apt metaphor for remarketing, a.k.a. ad retargeting. This form of advertising boasts one of the highest conversion rates for bounced traffic by returning visitors to your site for the second or third time.

Reminding Them You’re Still There…

It’s not about harassing people who have no curiosity about what you have to offer. They have shown an interest by landing on your site as tracked through Google. An inconspicuous bit of code allows you to follow them around via what is known as a browser cookie, reminding them that you are still there. In other words, we’re keeping your brand out there after they leave your site.

Google traffic thresholds were recently lowered to let far more businesses take advantage of this great marketing tactic than ever could before.

Generating Conversions after Initial Visit…

Return on investment (ROI) is a huge reason for remarketing. We’re seeing an increasing number of businesses reporting that they are increasing their marketing budgets for ad retargeting. It is especially valuable if your business is doing business with other businesses (B2B).

With remarketing, you are not wasting your time and budget on people that have no interest in what you have to offer. They have some familiarity with your brand because they have sought you out in the recent past.

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