ADA Compliance with accessiBe

If you are concerned with getting ahead of compliance issues to both serve a wider audience and avoid potential lawsuits, we have a quick and easy solution for you. We have partnered with Accessibe for a simple approach to almost immediately make your website ADA, WCAG and GDPR compliant.  Laws change from country to country and state to state around compliance issues, but trying to become compliant yourself can get complicated.  We are offering this tool to just take and run with yourself. Have your own developer install and set up for you, or even do it yourself. Alternatively, we can set everything up for you and maintain for you as things move forward. Either solution will have you ahead of the curve and more ready to serve a wider audience of people that may not normally be able to interact with your website.  Our widget offers profiles for many types of challenges such as seizure safe, vision impaired, ADHD, and cognitive disabilities.  As someone who has had concussion issues and has trouble with certain types of screens, this can be a difference maker.  The user can pick their profile when they land on your site and the tool automatically helps them. Give it a try. It is quite budget friendly for everything it offers in terms of increased customer reach and avoiding the risk of litigation.

ADA Compliance with accessiBe
  • Inclusivity for everyone
  • Attract new customers
  • Comply with legislation

The #1 Web  Accessibility Solution  for WCAG & ADA Compliance

Everyone  should be able to enjoy your website, regardless of ability! By streamlining accessibility, accessiBe’s solutions empower businesses of all sizes to take the inclusive approach and comply with ADA & WCAG. accessiBe is the web accessibility market leader, trusted by and powering over 169,797  websites worldwide!

Affordable Plans start at $49/month with free 7-day trial

Efficient 2-minute integration & immediate turnaround

Compliant Accessibility statement and certifications

Thanks to AI, web accessibility at scale  is finally a reality!

By leveraging machine learning, accessiBe is revolutionizing how websites are made accessible. Its technology enables it to take a scaleable approach to web accessibility in a business-friendly way, from auditing and testing to remediation.

accessibility with ai

accessiBe is GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Your website’s security  and users’ privacy  are top priority. accessiBe implements the highest industry standards and practices regarding the security of the websites it operates on and their users’ privacy. accessiBe is GDPR and CCPA compliant and trusted by industry leaders.

ADA Compliance with accessiBe