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Email marketing has one of the best returns on investment of any other marketing practice.  The beauty of email marketing vs other high return tactics like SEO and PPC is that it has a very low-cost entry point. Often, the toughest part is coming up with the content to put in your newsletter. Well, this low-cost tool does the tough part for you.

We use your Facebook feed to develop an attractive and branded newsletter that automatically connects to leading email service providers like Constant Contact and MailChimp, and the list keeps growing.

Even better, you can try it for free. Just paste your Facebook business page in the tool below to see how it works. You can easily add your own postings as well as postings from key industry news sources to easily put together a great newsletter and touch people either once a month, or even more.  All for less than $40 per month. If you aren’t about the DIY and need help getting things set up, we can help you get started for a one time fee.  But if you can do it on your own, feel free to take it and run with it.

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This is the quickest and easiest way to get going with an amazing new email marketing tool to get you in front of that great contact list you have developed.  The hard work is done for you!

Email Marketing Made Very Easy For You
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Email Marketing Made Very Easy For You
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
Amazing tool turns your FB Business page into an instant email newsletter that automatically works with Constant Contact or MailChimp lists. It is amazing. Give it a try for free.
Jeremy Skillings
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