Social Media

Social Media and Search

These days social media is all over the headlines. Often when I work with small business owners, they ask me “Do I need to do this?” or “Should I care about this stuff?” The answer depends on your business but there are markets out there for all of these social media outlets, and if you can put some time in to them, they can end up being an enormous source of business at a very low cost. I highly recommend at least being active in a few and we can help you past those difficult hurdles to get you started, because we do this every day.

Facebook is often thought of as a personal way to stay in touch with friends and family online, but there are ways to build Facebook pages for business that can expose you to a different audience. These days, marketing is different and trust is important. Marketing through sources that people trust and showing a personal side to your company is often the best way to get new business.

Twitter is the latest big thing. Many clients come to me with almost a disdain for Twitter because often what everyone hears about is the social aspect of Twitter – people writing about what they ate for breakfast. If used properly, Twitter has a sub-set that can build businesses. Let us help you get the most out of Twitter by gaining a following and marketing your blog or site by showing you know what you are talking about.

Search engines love regularly updated and new content. Blogs are a wonderful tool to add to your business for a few reasons. You can add new and relevant information about your business on a regular basis and you can make your site stronger by linking back to your site. This allows you to potentially rank higher for more competitive keywords in the search engines.

Optimized Press Releases: Online press releases, like blogs, are another great way to get relevant and new information out about your business and to generate links to your site. Rather than sitting on your blog, these are released to online news agencies and will show up on places like Google News and even in other websites that use these news feeds for content.

Social Media Tracking: Some companies may not even want to have their own accounts in these social media platforms, but do find it very important to know if there is conversation taking place about them online. We can do social media audits to see if you are getting lots of negative publicity that you may want to try to control online. Many large companies have begun hiring people or firms to monitor social media 24/7, but a small business may be interested in just running a search on occasion to make sure nothing is happening out there that may be hurting them.

Others: There are other great social media outlets to show potential customers or clients that you know what you are doing, such as Answers, LinkedIn, Wiki’s and other online locations. We can work with you to develop or take advantage of these programs too. We can even schedule a one hour appointment to explore some of these aspects and point you in the right direction.