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How it Works

It has never been more important to be found online. Whether to sell right now, or get found for appointments in the future, to be relevant, you need to be found in search.  Some of us like to hire someone to help with their SEO and others like to do it ourselves or teach our staff to do it.  You Can Be Found is here to help both ways. We can teach you to fish or fish for you. We can step in to the gaps you can’t fill on your own. Most importantly, we want our clients to be able to make an informed decision on where they stand and where they can use help. With that in mind we began online training via Zoom.

One Hour Training Sessions Custom to Your Needs

Expert SEO TrainingIf you aren’t sure what is important, we will start from the top. I like to get your company information so we can do a little research coming in.  I can teach you the basics or dive down into any area that is important for you. We can focus on technical SEO, content, competitive research, link building tactics, or just SEO theory.  The time is yours. You will have access to advanced tools to dig in at a level you wouldn’t be able to on your own. You get to steer the conversation and I will let you know where you can get the most benefit by improving your own situation. You can’t beat the opportunity to get you and your staff more information on how to improve. We also record the training and offer you the video after to keep on file so you can remember or take notes in the future.  Can’t beat it.

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Next Steps

You have no obligation or long-term commitment, but if you want to follow up with a true SEO campaign that begins to build your site strength so you climb the rankings, we can do that. This gives you a taste of how things work so you can make an informed decision. We like to show people we know how it works and that it is possible to move up the rankings before signing on for a long-term plan. We have been doing this for over a decade and are an A+ BBB company, but we also understand that SEO can be confusing and we want to help you feel like you are with a company that will really help you.

Please just fill out the form about your business so we can get started helping you. 

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