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You can make money by doing less work and still making your clients even happier.  It is not just a win-win, but a win-win-win for all three of us. You have brought your clients a website, brand identity, and so much more. Now it is time to let the world find them.  Digital Marketing is an important aspect of any business and it is hard to stay on top of everything. Focus on your expertise and let me step in and help with mine. SEO can be combined with social media, pay per click, content marketing, and other key pieces of the puzzle that you may specialize in or not care to worry about. I have been paying close attention to Google for 15 years so you can focus on what you do best. We offer support and responsiveness for you or for your clients with the right combination of the right analytics. Get the marketing mix figured out to help you clients succeed.  We can step in with more advanced SEO, geo-fencing, analytics projects and more, whether on a project by project basis or with an ongoing plan.

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How it works…

You Can Be Found has been focusing on search engine optimization since 2006, with a long track record of successful results. If I have learned anything from being in SEO this long, it is that you need to be flexible. Every industry, and even every search, has a different competitive landscape and even different ranking factor priority.  We partner with marketing firms and consultants as well as web developers to add value for your clients. This allows your service to be enhanced without you needing to do additional work.  We offer both white label support as well as co-branded support where we handle the client interaction.  The first step is talking through how the process would work best for you and your clients. Every client is different and has different needs and personalities. We fit in to make your process and your clients’ needs to be met in the most efficient way.

Whether it is helping a hyper-local small business get their Google My Business ranking better, or broader business targets and e-commerce, my passion is helping businesses succeed. We fit into your team and help with the aspects of Search Engine Optimization that you or your clients don’t or can’t do themselves. Sometimes that involves training, while other times they just want someone to do it all so they can focus on their core business. We fit in either way. I have been working closely with business owners for years so that you can be comfortable having me step in, or have me available in the background, whichever you prefer.

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