This week, as I’m recovering from wisdom tooth extraction, I wanted to share some wisdom with everyone.  I see time and time again through  smaller developers bragging on facebook or simply throwing in an optimized site as part of their development plan.  There is a lot of danger in this for small business owners.

In fact, if a developer threw in a one time optimizing fee on my proposal, I would run away.  It can’t be done in a one time job and it just points out their ignorance of that fact.  If you express an interest in getting “googled” in any way other than paying through Google Adwords, you will need a plan in place to grow your strength and get your site to show up in Google search.  For a brand new site, this just doesn’t happen in one step unless you are in such a niche market that nobody is competing with you.  If that is the case, many are probably not searching for what you have either.

Search engine marketing is a full time job these days and not something you can throw in on the side.  I am not a web developer and don’t try to throw a site in on the side when I’m helping someone. I reach out to respected developers that I know do a good job and build clean sites that the search engines can read.  A good developer should do the same the other way.  They should be able to send you to someone that cane help you with a long term plan.  I’ve talked in the past about scammy SEO plans but I continue to see people pushing that they got a first page ranking for one term that nobody searches for and that is why you should go with them.  What you want to see with these developers is visitor traffic from other clients that shows a high volume of traffic coming from actual searches, not a ranking that may actually not bring them any traffic.  Ask for a detailed descpription of what they are going to do for you with your SEO plan.  How will they build links, NAP’s, and relationships that will help you.  If they don’t have a defined plan, don’t sign up.

If you want a good, affordable plan that works, give us a call.