UPDATED: SEO at The Central Jersey Think Tank

Jeremy Skillings: Central Jersey Think TankSuzanne Stingo and the folks at Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Associates put on a great event this morning and I was honored to be a part of it. Want to send out my thank you’s for the opportunity and inform everyone that they have events on the last Tuesday morning of every month at Falco’s Catering. Each month has a different speaker or two talking about things that can help you and your business. Suzanne does a good job of bringing in a crowd of mostly business owners and also allowing business owners to ask each other questions and share experiences so that everyone benefits.


February’s Central Jersey Think Tank

February 27 I have the distinct honor of speaking at the Central Jersey Think Tank at Falco’s Catering in Ocean, NJ. The event takes place at 8 AM and is a part of a monthly series on the last Tuesday of the month, helping businesses in the area with common problems and issues, as well as informing them about ways to improve. Sal Schibell of Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Associates  has been running the event for at least a few years now and describes it as… “the Central Jersey Think Tank brings together Business leaders to present and share information with each other concerning issues related to running a business.” With all of the buzz about the new tax plan, last month there was an extensive breakdown of the plan and what it means to small business owners.

Understanding SEO and the Google Algorithm

DIY SEO Tactics for 2018

Definitely worth coming out this month if you are a business owner in New Jersey and wondering what is going on with Google and more importantly, how you can put Google to work for you. We will discuss the algorithm in normal terms that you can understand and give real take-home tactics you can do to improve your online presence. SEO has shown itself to have one of the highest returns of any marketing investment, but people are often confused by how it works.  Many businesses take advantage of that confusion and provide scammy or just useless SEO services that don’t work and leave a bad taste in your mouth. I will be a guide to help you understand what is BS and what is real and, though everything seems to be a factor, what are the ones that move the needle the most and that you can actually help yourself with the easiest.

From site speed and mobile friendliness to the importance and meaning of links, citations, and reviews, we will discuss why “Content is King” and how you can “Think like Google” and bake in SEO to your normal business processes.  I will be your guide on a trip through the world of the Google algorithm and help make the algorithm seem less complicated as you see what and why Google values different aspects to your website, and what used to work but doesn’t work anymore.

How do you attend?

It is simple, just let Sal know you are coming and show up. You can register to attend here. It is a free event and only a week away. Food is provided and an opportunity to network and meet with fellow business owners, so not only will you learn about how to get business from Google, you may find some great connections.   In addition, Jim Hiles of First Capital Advisors Group will be explaining the recent stock market volatility and what everything means.  So please clear off your calendar for next Tuesday morning and join Sal, Jim, and myself, and a number of other local business owners for an informative and helpful meeting that will put you in a better position for the rest of 2018.


Central Jersey Think Tank February Meeting
Falco's Catering, 1110 Highway 35 South, Ocean,Central Jersey,New Jersey-07712
Starting on
February 27, 2018
Ending on
February 27, 2018
Open to all Business Owners, the Central Jersey Think Tank brings together Business leaders to present and share information with each other concerning issues related to running a business.
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