Dentists have a very competitive market in the search world.  Typically being a local business with a great deal of competition it can be challenging to find your way to the top of search.  Often dentists will combine a full SEM plan with Google Adwords, local search and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure they are top of mind or top of search when patients start searching.

Unfortunately in tough markets like dentists, the basic packaged services you get from some of these national providers just isn’t enough.  They often will give you the basics for a nominal cost, but don’t have the unique services that can separate you from everyone else.

It is important to be able to show up for all of your distinct service. You may be competing with TMJ specialists for one service and cosmetic experts for another, giving you a confusing and difficult playing field to try to show up.

We have been successfully helping dentists and their unique and competitive markets for quite some time. Making sure your office has a clean and strong local name, address, and phone profile, as well as solid links to build up your domain in search.

It is important to have a page on your site for every service that  is important to you, for both Adwords and SEO success. I often see dentists jamming all of their services in to one page.  The search world needs a page dedicated to each though, both for search engines finding and ranking your page, and also for searchers with shorter and shorter attention spans, not willing to scroll around to find that service they are looking for. They want to see it on the headline of the landing page to get them to stick and possibly reach out with that call or email to get started.

SEM is a tough world and in competitive markets like the dentist world, you need to make sure you do it right, follow the rules, and provide your searchers with the best and softest landing.  We can help you if you are overwhelmed with all of the rules of search and help work with you to get your practice soaring to the top.

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SEO, PPC, SEM for Dentists: NJ, NYC, PA
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Dentists have a very unique market in search as it is very competitive with many distinct services. We help dentists get found.
Jeremy Skillings