The world has made a major pivot in the past month as we deal with COVID-19 and mass quarantining from home. Many businesses can’t run at all or in full capacity, and many are exploring their own pivots to operate as best as they can in the current business landscape. Hopefully, in the long run, these pivots will bring in new types of business that will be added on to the old style when we return to whatever the new normal is. With many pivoting to a digital version of their business, it is more important than ever to “get found” for these new tactics.  With spikes in searches for modifier words like “curb side”, “no contact”, or even “virtual”, there are opportunities for unique delivery methods and jumping on these searches to get a foothold on new business possibilities.

New Keyword Opportunities to Jump On

When we see the world pivot as we have recently, many new keywords suddenly have higher volume and it is possible to create content and ads to take advantage of this situation.  Now is the time to jump on some of these possible opportunities if your business has pivoted and has the ability to manage it.  Not only things like no contact, but new services like “disinfecting” and other possibilities are jumping up.  Get on top of this.  “Buy (your product or service) online” searches are suddenly showing up for offerings that weren’t really viewed in that way before.  I recently found myself looking for any service that would send me fruit without going to the store. Perhaps you have the ability to offer something like that. We can help. I can also connect you with web developers who can help your normal website turn into an online store.

Curb Side Keyword Trend Specific Answers for Specific Questions – (SEO & PPC)

Google is in the business of providing the best answers to searcher’s queries or questions. In both SEO and PPC (Google Ads), you want to have a good “landing page” that addresses the question. With E-commerce that means a lot of specific pages with solid content describing and providing the information people are looking for like product and service specifics, reviews, pricing, etc. We have tools that help analyze what information Google looks for with searches because Google is looking for what searchers prefer. With that, we can help shape your content for these specific searches that may be able to outperform bigger brands that haven’t focused as much on the specifics.

Build Up Link Strength to Specific Pages (SEO)

This is another opportunity for small businesses to outsmart and outperform big brands.  Building up link strength to specific pages that big brands are ignoring can bring you a stronger page even though they have a stronger domain.  SEO has become about many individual pages on the internet. Though domain power is important, it is becoming more and more about individual pages, and I’ve seen success building up individual page strength for specific products in an industry that seemed out of reach. Strategizing and picking your high priority products or services and building them up can lead to presence and success.


If you need help pivoting to E-commerce. We are your answer.  Just give us a call and get started.