Talking Link Building & SEO at the Brooklyn Bridge

This month we took advantage of an early morning run on a beautiful day to talk about link building on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Just like the Brooklyn Bridge connects two important pieces of land, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, links connect one website to another. Google uses links as a signal and mark of trust and credibility for your website and pages.  You can think of them as an “online referral” for your business. The more of these quality and relevant referrals your business and website have, the more rankable and strong you will become in the search results.

Links are Very Important to SEO

Links are still viewed as the top individual factor for ranking and it is important to consistently bring them into your site, but at the same time making sure they are credible and helpful. If you get the wrong links, it can make your pages unrankable.

As with anything that is important to the ranking algorithm, entire industries get built around trying to get around or cheat the algorithm. Some companies even practice “negative SEO” and send bad links at competitors to try to make those pages disappear.  It is important to know the difference and to build your site’s power with credible links.

Easy Links to Obtain

Often some basic links can be enough for a hyper-local business to rank in their community. From being in business, you tend to already have relationships with the local chamber of commerce or possibly sponsorships or involvement in local events.  Those links, though maybe not strong websites, are very relevant to your local presence and Google factors that in.  Write down a list of all of your offline relationships and see if you can turn them into a link. Chamber memeberships and other networking involvements often come with a link as part of your membership. Make sure you are using these to your advantage as this is what the Google algorithm is built on and the whole point of link strength.

Often link building is the hardest part of an SEO plan and we sometimes have clients that can do all of the rest of the work still come to us to help use our relationships to find them links while they continue to concentrate on their core business and doing that right.

SEO Link Building - Brooklyn Bridge - You Can Be Found Anywhere
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SEO Link Building - Brooklyn Bridge - You Can Be Found Anywhere
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Again showing that You Can Be Found Anywhere with a good search engine marketing plan, this time we are at the Brooklyn Bridge talking about how important links and link building are to the SEO algorithm.
Jeremy Skillings
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