This week I want to touch more on the future of SEO.  As google becomes “smarter’ and more aware of all of your online entities, the future appears to be in “Internet Entity Optimization”. Your brand has an online presence in a number of places and they all blend together.  Whether you make a sale from your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, or your website, you are still trying to make that sale.  As Google becomes better of piecing together that puzzle and understanding your brand in all of it’s online locations, they are all going to factor in to your search presence, or SEO.


We already know that Google takes in to account email sharing of links, which blends in email marketing. They use social media shares and likes as contributions to your site strength.  They factor in online reviews to local presence and probably more.  They have always used links from other sites as strong signal’s of your site value as an entity.  You need to do it all. Or at least you do if your competitors do. As all of these different pieces of your online presence become factors to your total search presence, you will need to battle competitors in a relative battle on all fronts.  If they do a better job in Facebook, you will need to make up for it in links or LinkedIn.  They are all battlefields.


One of the toughest aspects of this future is measuring success, especially if you can’t connect directly to an online sale.  If your search plan is to optimize search presence, but it turns out your LinkedIn page is what ranks highest for a certain highly converting term, while your blog shows up for another. Then your Youtube video led to some more conversions. Some from Youtube directly and some because you convinced someone that saw it embedded on your site. The important thing is to communicate with your SEO so we can try to capture all of this information and help measure effectiveness and success. There is a lot out there on the horizon and we are just scratching the surface.

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SEO Is Becoming IEO As The Lines Become Blurred
Google Certified Partner and SEM Specialist
Your brand has an online presence in a number of places and they all blend together. How does SEO account for all of this?
Jeremy Skillings