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One of the most common SEO mistakes I see is completely leaving SEO out of a site redesign or migration to a new domain. Often companies decide to overhaul a site or reduce content and then when they go live with their beautiful new site they wonder why all the traffic went away.  SEO is a critical step that needs to be addressed before your site redesign or migration.

Link Audit

Inbound links from other sites are one of the top ranking factors and a huge signal to Google about your website authority.  If a page on your site that has links pointed to it goes away, your site loses that strength.  Businesses get hit with this all of the time when they don’t properly dig into what links they have and where they go prior to site changes.  The good news is that we can capture that strength and point it to the right pages on the new version of the site, but if you don’t address it, your rankings will plummet.

Content Audit

The other common mistake I see businesses make when moving to a new website is to remove or replace important ranking content. If SEO is a part of your business success, it is extremely important that you audit and analyze which pages on your current site are ranking and bringing in important prospects before potentially changing this. Once we can address which pages are ranking for what, we can address that with content on the new version of the site. I just recently worked on a project with a business that planned to remove five pages that were ranking highly for their important search phrases and replace them with one more generic page that just touched lightly on the topics. If they hadn’t done a content audit, all of this trafffic and potential new business would have disappeared at the flip of a switch. Fortunately we caught it before it went live and addressed it with new pages to address those specific topics. Don’t make that mistake. Get help and be sure.

Next Steps for Your Site Migration or Redesign

It isn’t too late. In fact, we can sometimes even save big mistakes after the new site has gone live with some of our tools and looking through Google analytics.  You can bring us in as an SEO migration project or as part of a beginning an ongoing SEO campaign. We have been doing this since 2006 and have seen every potential issue.  Put your site in the hands of our A+ BBB reputation and years of experience.

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SEO Content Audit for Site Migrations

Steps in SEO Migration/Redesign

  • Identify Most Important URL’s

  • Address Transfer of SEO Strength

  • Inbound Link Profile Review

  • URL Ranking Analysis

  • Redirect Mappings with Rankings in Mind

  • Metatag Analysis and Updates

  • Important Content Analysis and Updates