This week I wanted to give everyone a story of how a company has worked with me to drastically improve their search presence in a couple of years.  It is a great example of a competitive market where a company worked with me to learn how to help themselves with improving their SEO plan and a very affordable rate.  I have many clients that ask me to handle the whole process, with minimal work on their part, and that is ok, but I also love it when a marketing department like those at Talksoft, learn from everything I share with them, and then run with it and use those tools to build their presence on their own.  With the search world becoming more and more closely linked to your offline presence, it is increasingly more important for the company to be involved.

Steve David at Talksoft came to me with a basic idea for me to help them a little with on page targeting and informing them on changes in the industry and how to best utilize their own tools to improve their presence.  At the time, they did have a basic presence and were even getting some first page rankings for a few phrases here and there.  Now they are right near the top for a number of phrases, including some of the broader, key phrases that are important to them, like  “appointment reminder software” and even broader “appointment reminders”.  You can see their ranking tracker charts respecitively from the past year below.  They have shot up from somewhat off the radar to solid positions like  you can see below in a number of areas, and a lot of it was taking information and running with it.

Talksoft Rank Increase Charts


On Page Targeting:

In the early going, they didn’t have a lot of strength and we had to very specifically target a few of the terms they were in contention with.  Much of the work in the early days was just to follow the major rules and use the on page options like meta-tags to the best way we could to utilize the strength we did have.  We did see some boosts there, but we had to build up strength too.

link building for Strength:

To really increase your sites strength in the SEO world of today, you need a lot of quality and reputable links coming from other sites. By working together to understand how Talksoft could utilize their current and ongoing relationships to help build quality links to their site, a plan was put in place.  With this important aspect of SEO, which is often the most expensive when a consultant comes in to build for you, Steve and his team were able to develop a plan and run with it and has consistently been building solid, quality links over time.  We have helped him here and there to get links that have fallen outside of their strategic plan, but for the most part, they have built a large number of links on their own just by utilizing their business relationships.  This his how it is supposed to work.  Google values getting quality links, and getting new ones on a regular basis.  What the Talksoft team did was great because it not only built strength, but did it in such a clean and pure way that they are virtually free of worry from algorithmic penalties.  They just need to keep following their plan and make minor adjustments.  This is the beauty of what they’ve done for themselves.

Technical SEO:

From a technical perspective, we go in and run an audit on occasion to make sure the site is running cleanly and not “accidentally” breaking any of Google’s rules in relation to site cleanliness and speed issues.  This is a very common problem business owners have that they are often not even aware of because it doesn’t really show unless you do an audit.  When we found site or duplicate page issues within the site, Steve’s team could immediately take the proper steps to get those cleaned up, which often led to a fairly quick boost in the Google rankings.

Close Relationship:

By continuing to work together on all three of these areas and suggesting good link opportunities, catching technical issues, and keeping the on page issues in shape, we can continue to grow. This is a great example of teaching a group how to best utilize what they are doing to benefit their SEO, and then having them take that information and run with it.  This November, their non-branded organic search traffic was up over 100% compared to last November.  By non-branded I mean I don’t want to take credit for people who searched by brand name, as that isn’t necessarily what the SEO helps with.  They should get that traffic anyway. The boosts we have made in the past  year  have more than doubled traffic. See below data from Google analytics.

Talksoft organic search traffic with non branded searches. November 2014 as compared to November 2013.

Talksoft organic search traffic with non branded searches. November 2014 as compared to November 2013.

Just a great example of how a great marketing department can use knowledge and guidance from an SEO to take their presence to new levels.

If you are looking for someone to help teach your group how to do something similar or are just looking for someone to manage the whole search marketing process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  It worked for them, and it can definitely work for you.

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SEO Case Study: Talksoft Makes Great Use of Some DIY SEO
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Talksoft has taken DIY SEO to a new level and more than doubled search traffic this past year.
Jeremy Skillings