SEO and Google Ads can be very rewarding to your business, but they can also be very confusing. It can be very easy to be led down the path by old news or even by Google themselves. With over a decade in the industry, I take great joy in educating small business owners about the ins and outs of Google marketing, so they can help put Google to work for them. With that in mind, I speak several times each year to chambers of commerce or business groups, to help educate and assist their membership of tactics that move the needle, and some of the common mistakes that many make that may cost a lot of money and time.

Education is Business

By educating business groups, I am able to give them a resource when they decide they don’t want to do it anymore themselves, or don’t want to or have the capacity to handle certain pieces of the puzzle. We offer flexible plans to help small businesses learn to fish or do all of the fishing for them.  However, I have had many attendees tell me that my talks are extremely helpful for DIY SEO business owners to make sure they get the basics down and do things the right way.  They learn how to “bake SEO into the business process” and “feed the Google beast” with as much good information about your business as you can.

Recent and Upcoming Talks

In the last few months I have had the privilege of speaking to the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce in NYC, the Suburban Chamber of Commerce in Berkeley Heights, NJ, and the Rivertowns Chamber in Irvington, NY. I also have an upcoming talk to home-based businesses at the Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce in a few weeks.  If you are nearby and a home-based business owner, please come check that out. Knowing how this works and how the Google algorithm works helps you harness the power of Google to bring you new customers. I am available to speak to other chambers and business networking groups. Just give me a call.