This is an updated post from 2015.

On this day before Thanksgiving I just wanted to reach out and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and have a little non-scientific fun looking at what we search for related to Thanksgiving.  I used the Google keyword tool to inform my data here and started my research with just the seed word Thanksgiving.  The following data popped up showing us what is most important to searchers in regards to “Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving Search Trend

Not surprising anyone, Thanksgiving-related searches are far more common in October and November, with the biggest spike in November, when Thanksgiving occurs.

Thanksgiving Search TrendWhen is Thanksgiving?

It is hard to know for sure the searcher’s intent, but the leading terms for Thanksgiving searches were the word combined with the year.  After that was simply “Happy Thanksgiving” and another date or day intent type search, “Thanksgiving day”. I’m not sure what the intent is with “Happy Thanksgiving”. Are they wishing Google a Happy Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Pictures?

Back in 2015, I was surprised by the number of “thanksgiving images” and “thanksgiving pictures” searches before we really got down to the food.  In 2019, these seem to have dropped or moved to other engines, and the food takes over.

Thanksgiving Search StatsFinally, what are we eating?

Though “recipes” were the top food term in 2015, this year it was “side dishes” that led the way with food related searches.  “Side dishes” and “desserts” actually both showed up before recipes or dinner.

Lots of food options followed, including the leading brand to show up, “Boston Market”, and the inclusion of “vegan” as a highly searched term this year.

What are we doing on Thanksgiving?

Once we got past the food, we started seeing different activities show up in search.  “Prayer”, “blessings”, and “crafts” top the activities list.  After that we see “facts”, “funny”, “music”, and “songs”.  I think my family incorporates all of these things so we have it covered.

I hope this little exercise helped answer some search-related Thanksgiving questions and give you a feel for what everyone is looking for, eating, and doing over Thanksgiving.  Have a very happy Thanksgiving with all of your families and friends.

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Searching for a Happy Thanksgiving?
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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with a fun little article to see what people search for around the holiday.
Jeremy Skillings